The course aims at providing solid essentials for
measuring key intangibles assets for integrated marketing communication and PR.
The course will move from basic element of theory and practice of measurements
of perceptions and attitudes, with an historical perspective: from basic
surveys to current data driven approach.

The course will provide:
- description and understanding of main key indicators used in Communication 
- the managerial perspective of using data and insights for setting and deploying communication strategy
- the communication agency perspective of using data and insights in the creativity process
- essentials of survey design, sampling and data collection techniques
- essentials of quantitative, qualitative, digital and desk research methods and techniques
- specific methods and indicators for vertical areas: brand, advertising, audience, customer experience, web reputation, innovation, data visualization and other.
Alongside with theory and testimonials, the course will provide practice via a project work that will require a real realization of a research project based on a “real world” brief.